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Rain Man reunites with Oly for summer anthem ‘Still Young’: Listen

Back in 2016, globally recognized DJ and producer Rain Man released his beautiful single “Bring Back The Summer” featuring Oly and we were mesmerized by his top-notch production skills and energetic pulses throughout the melodic single. Inspiring many artists such as Toronto-based producer Watson to take a spin on his classic with a tropical house-inspired remix on “Bring Back The Summer,” Rain Man is truly an inspiration for us all. With an aim to clear the air and reinvent himself in 2021, Rain Main is making his return by calling upon Oly for their new summer anthem “Still Young.” Just in time as the weather begins to warm up, this one is about to be played on repeat all summer long.

Focusing on all of his artistic impulses geared to create a bouncy track that evokes enthusiasm and hope. As for dance music enthusiasts, “Still Young” stimulates inside emotions and the eagerness of power to achieve. By combining elements of both melodic vocals and stargazing instrumentals, the catchy rhythm provides listeners an immediate feeling of happiness. With all the momentum by his side, there is a lot of room for optimism regarding the future of Rain Man. Since parting ways from Krewella, the necessary pause of his career allowed Rain Man the time to work on himself and progress forward. Providing fans a new sign of life with this summer track, we can only hope for more coming directly from this talented producer. Opening up about his recent collaboration with Oly, Rain Man shares:

“What I love about ‘Still Young’ is the emotion it evokes within when I listen back to it. It feels like a powerful reminder that everything is possible, and all of our hopes and dreams are right in front of us; all we have to do is reach out and grab them.”

Listen to the “Still Young” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

Photo Credits: Rain Man Official Facebook Account


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