REZZ and deadmau5

REZZ and deadmau5 announce upcoming collaboration ‘Hypnocurrency’ along with NFT drop

It’s the news that mau5trap fans have been waiting for, and REZZ and deadmau5 have finally unveiled the title and release date of their first collaboration together, ‘Hypnocurrency’. Teased for quite some time, the track finally comes to us on Friday April 23 and with it comes an exclusive NFT drop.

Bringing together each unique production style that has propelled both artists to the forefront of the scene, ‘Hypnocurrency’ blends both dark and hypnotic styles from REZZ and deadmau5 together. REZZ is known for bass-heavy and minimalist techno blends which has created an otherworldly type of electronic genre, and deadmau5 is known for haunting and addictive soundscapes. It’s going to be very interesting to hear what the pair have cooked up for us, and we were treated to a sneak peak earlier this March straight from the studio, which you can view below.

In addition to this, on April 20 they will be connecting with the world of NFTs – something that deadmau5 has been extremely involved with – and will be releasing the ‘Hypnocurrency’ collection. Dropping on MakersPlace tomorrow at 3:30pm PT, fans can visit the site to be in the chance of snagging one of four custom pieces (one of one and three open editions) designed by deadmau5 himself with a cut of ‘Hypnocurrency’ in each piece. The pieces are an audiovisual treat, and go hand-in-hand with the track. You can get a sneak peek of both the track and the NFT style here, where you can also pre-save the single.

REZZ is also going on a coffee run with deadmau5. The coffee run has been a long-running popular show on deadmau5’s YouTube channel, where he takes fellow DJs in supercars to grab coffee and talk along the way. REZZ announced the news the other day on her Twitter account.

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