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Singapore to begin holding shows without social distancing measures

Singapore will begin holding non-distanced shows as soon as April 24, 2021.

Singaporeans can rejoice as the return of mass live music is in the very near future.  The Singaporean government will begin allowing up to 750 attendees inside a closed space or arena under the condition that they must provide proof of a COVID-19 vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.  Each event will provide pre-event testing in order to make sure each person is negative prior to entry.

In more good news, Singapore has reported having had only 24 new cases as of this past week, all of which have been traced back to travelers from outside of the city, to which they have all been mandated to self-isolate.

There will be a series of “test” events such as conferences and sports events to determine how effective the limited, yet re-opened venues will operate, in addition to the critical reception of the events regarding testing and/or proof of vaccination.  As smaller venues are in the spotlight with this new re-opening, promoters and performers alike are hoping that by the summer of 2021 these events will allow more attendees. In fact, the Sing.Lang festival which is a festival dedicated to Chinese pop music is planning ahead on having a 12,000 indoor person event to be held in June of 2021, which would make this the largest allowed indoor festival to reopen since the pandemic. It is unsure whether Sing.Lang will end up holding the festival, but there are currently no other plans in place to refute this.

Learn more about Sing.Lang here.


Image Credit: Ultra Singapore (via Facebook)