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The impact of music in casinos

Gambling, especially in brick ‘n’ mortar casinos (but also live online casino), is not only about spinning the slots or wagering on a roulette number all the time. It’s also the social aspect that drives gamblers equally strongly to put their money into the machines. The atmosphere of such establishments has a huge impact on the experience. Flashing lights, the lack of clocks on the walls, loud noise, crowds of people, and, of course, music are all the elements that add up to the environment designed by the owners to make as much money as possible and facilitate lingering gamers to stay longer.

Depending on the situation, managers can carefully adjust the sounds to foster the current atmosphere. Playing calm music creates a relaxed, laid-back environment, whereas utilising fast-paced electronic pieces smooths the way for careless betting-fueled adrenaline rushes.

But why do the concepts of gambling and music, especially EDM, go hand in hand so much? What is the psychological aspect of music that facilitates gambling?

A brief look at the history

Historically, music in casinos can be associated with wild-west saloon music, later on transforming into ragtime. This is a rightful association, as that’s what the first American casinos had playing in them. Even earlier, in the first-ever casinos, live classical music was far more prevalent. Since the older casinos mainly were all about the luxury and high-class, classical music fit right in there with the customers’ needs.

Later on, in the beginning of the 20th century, with the emergence of jazz, it has become a go-to score for casinos. The fact that gambling and drinking were prohibited back then, these were excellent conditions for illegal gatherings where new styles of music were introduced.

After the legalisation of gambling in Nevada, back came the luxury and lavishness of early casinos. Musicians like Frank Sinatra made consistent appearances in the newly-established casinos. The ‘60s saw the return of classical music, where live orchestras performed for the upper-class audience.

As live shows became unprofitable in the ‘70s, casino owners had resorted to playing pre-recorded music.

Present-day casinos

The current casinos have been meticulously designed with no elements left untouched. Each part works like one of the multiple cogs in a well-oiled machine to provide the best possible environment for gambling. Psychological tricks are well-known by managers of casinos, and so they employ all of them to make sure that you get hooked right from the beginning.

Modern casinos have been riding the wave of the current musical trends to cater to the needs of their customers. Casino owners found EDM music to be especially effective in terms of retention, as, for example, major establishments in Las Vegas have started to take advantage of the EDM craze.

DJs in the likes of Skrillex, Zedd, Afrojack, and Benny Benassi have made appearances in casino clubs such as The Light Vegas and The Shrine at MGM Grand. This has proved to be highly effective as this sort of high-BPM, energetic, and adrenaline-filled music fosters some gambling behaviours. 

Studies show that fast-paced music makes the players bet quicker and less carefully. Here are some other effects that music has.

Still, sports betting establishments choose not to play any music within their houses. The benefits for the bookmakers are there, though they’re not worth interfering with the ongoing transmissions of live events.

The effect of music on gamblers

Multiple contemporary studies have agreed that music has an effect on humans. Depending on its type, it can be calming, reinforcing, or getting you full of adrenaline. Casinos often take advantage of this fact and either go for low-tempo to help players concentrate or high-tempo to increase their bet frequency.

Music also contributes to the atmosphere to a great degree. Imagine a casino without all of the flashing lights, a themed score, and loud winning noises. That’s just plain boring.

Themed slot machines also play tracks by famous artists such as Michael Jackson, Elton John, or Megadeth, which cater to the various tastes of gamblers. All of that is done to improve the experience.

Some gamblers choose to take headphones with them and play the music that goes well with their strategy. To help them focus, isolate, and keep better track of their spendings, they choose to distance themselves from the overwhelming noise of casinos. Online live casino services, for this reason, are a better environment to play.

Sounds of winning that correspond to the music also have a tremendous effect. Also, if the score is familiar to the customer, they will feel more at home and relaxed.


Similarly to music played in stores, which contributes to the amount of goods bought by the customers, casino music also utilises psychology to create a better environment for gambling. The fact that it has such a high impact on us makes casino managers use it to its fullest. While this may seem normal, it can facilitate unhealthy gambling behaviours that bring tons of ramifications with them. One might think that it’s used to control our minds, and, to a certain degree, it is. While it’s not necessarily a direct control, it acts upon our subconscious to make us take careless decisions at times. Still, what would the casinos be without the music?

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