aboywithabag drops addictive track ‘Don’t Trip’ and receives remix from Kid Caird: Listen

Fairly new to the scene of producing, Indian born and raised, but now living in Chicago aboywithabag, whose real name is Sai Aditya, decided to use the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns as a way to improve his producing skills, as well as also being inspired by successful recent gigs he had been playing. The improvement in skills definitely shows as he releases his newest house banger track ‘Don’t Trip’. The incredible song has also received a tech-house remix from Australian-born but now UK-living Kid Caird.

aboywithabag takes inspiration from the likes of Carl Cox, Chris Lake, and FISHER along with his drive and desire to motivate, inspire, comfort, and spread love when creating his music. This is presented in ‘Don’t Trip’, which is a very well-produced and inspired track. Catchy vocals and slick beats provide the perfect house track. Taking elements from the artists who inspire him, this track is asking to be played in any club this year. The producer explains improving his abilities and the process behind the track more below:

‘After a successful NYE gig in Chicago and new opportunities coming in, the world shut down due to COVID. After a few weeks, I decided to improve my production skills and put out more original music. I took a few lessons from WESTEND, and was able to gain a better understanding of how to structure and produce a high-quality house track. Everyone uses Splice and downloads whole packs and I decided to limit myself to 1-2 samples per pack to avoid having the same track as others using the same sample pack. I found this vocal under the hip-hop category that stood out to me and I built the track around it.’

Being introduced to each other via social media when Kid Caird reacted to ‘Don’t Trip’ on his Instagram. aboywithabag was quick to approach and ask how he would feel about remixing the track. Having instantly loved the track Kid Caird, whose real name is Michael, was immediately on board and the remix was born. Kid Caird has many achievements, producing for 4 years, the young star in the making has played some of the hottest nightclubs in Perth, Western Australia, and shows his talent with this addictive remix that’s the perfect complement to the original song.

‘I wasted no time creating a high-energy and creative track with both light and dark elements mixed together!’ – Kid Caird

aboywithabag is currently enrolled in Toolroom Academy so it will be interesting to see how his skill develops further. For now, both the original and remix of ‘Don’t Trip’ are releasing on his own created label and curation brand named House Techno Authority, and you can check both versions out for yourself on Spotify below.

Image Credit: aboywithabag (Press)

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