AmPm deliver summery vibes with ‘Afterglow’ feat. Kimberley Chen: Listen

Japanese masked duo AmPm show no signs of slowing down and continue on an exciting run of releases. This time, they deliver a preview of a summer full of groove and good energy with ‘Afterglow‘ featuring Kimberley Chen.

Music makes you lose track of time and it seems impossible that the path in the industry of this creative duo only started in 2017. ‘Best Part of Us’, marked the beginning of AmPm’s career which, so far, hasn’t stopped growing. The legion of fans that follow this duo corroborates their talent on a daily basis. In addition to this and the many thousands of streams that AmPm’s tracks have been adding, the sound of these two talented artists has not left their peers indifferent, earning them the affection of big names like Afrojack, R3HAB and Nicky Romero. Although based in the ‘land of the rising sun’, AmPm’s rhythm has conquered the world from east to west. A career that is on an interesting and fast-growing path.

In previous releases, such as the elegant house single ‘Tokyo‘, AmPm have given sonic form to various feelings. Feeling and making feel seems to be the transversal motto of this electronic act. ‘Afterglow’ is a breezy summer tune, brushed with dance-pop energy and a melody that exalts love for that special someone. To achieve this dreamy track, AmPm teamed up with Kimberley Chen, the Australian Taiwan-based star singer. About this collaboration, the duo explains that:

‘This project came to life after we approached Kimberley to collaborate with us, and it’s a song that truly conveys her personality. We also think this dance is perfect for the coming season, so we hope you’ll put on headphones or earphones and turn up the volume. (…) If it wasn’t for the current situation, we would have loved to have gone to Taiwan to work with Kimberley directly, but when life finally returns to normal, we hope to visit Taiwan to hang out and perform live together.

Not even the distance imposed by the pandemic stood in the way of this fantastic collaboration between AmPm and Kimberley Chen who also hopes to be able to be with the duo in person soon:

‘This experience has been so special. I feel so honored to be invited to collaborate with AmPm. During tough times supporting each other through music is something that my soul needed. Thanks to everyone that help made this happen! And I’m looking forward to finally meeting in person’

Chen’s path is rather curious and was not made exclusively in music. While still a child, she worked as an actor and model but was also taking her first steps as a singer. Musicals and big showrooms are also part of Chen’s curriculum and she gave voice to the national anthem at the Australian Football League Grand Final in 2007. In music, she has proved her worth many times over, both solo and with important collaborations, navigating through diverse musical styles. Today, Kimberley Chen is one of Greater China’s most impressive female Gen Z artists.

May 12 is not only a special date for AmPm for the release of this sparkling single but also marks the sharing of her first music video. This is AmPm’s first-ever full-length animated music video and the result is simply brilliant.

This was also our first time to make a full-length animated video, so we hope you’ll check it out! It’s always fun to have the opportunity to work with the most talented artists, and hopefully the video expresses this feeling too.

The animation and illustration style takes us back to its oriental origin, making it more than just a simple or normal music video. The story shows a girl who likes to enjoy life and love, spreading the good energies and lightness of a happy and festive everyday life. The more observant will also be able to find hidden illustrations of AmPm that pop up from time to time.

Welcome the summer season with this ‘Afterglow’:


Image Credit: AmPm (Press)