CAPO BEATZ releases groovy new EP ‘My Beautiful Integrity’: Listen

Hailing from Germany, CAPO BEATZ is a rising star who is already making a name for himself in the electronic music industry. With an aim to write infectious music which will stick in the minds of the listeners long after they’ve heard his productions, he is inspired by some of the top musicians and has been on his musical journey since 2005. After nearly 10 years, mid-2020 saw CAPO BEATZ begin to release his own original music, thus elevating his career even further. Wanting to not only release great music but also tell stories through his song writing skills, he puts his real life experiences into his tracks to make them more real.

Armed with bundles of energy, CAPO is taking the next step in his career and has released his first EP titled ‘My Beautiful Integrity’. From one of his first solo releases ‘Hesitate’ to this, he proves that his career is going from strength to strength, and the EP has plenty of elements for every listener of electronic music to enjoy. ‘Reality (Intro)’ is our first introduction to this body of work, and does an expert job of opening us up to this world that the German producer has created. Wasting no time in letting us know that this is something that demands to be danced to, vocal chops accompany the pulsating drop and overall make for a stunning production. Moving more into the EP, ‘Unshakeable’ features the only collaboration, with fellow rising producer Golowko. Blending their signature styles together, it keeps within the flow of the EP whilst also letting each artist explore their talents. ‘Losing My Mind’ is a blend of futuristic and unique synths that combine to make for a listening experience like no other, and ‘Thinking About U’ is armed with sultry vocals that blend expertly with the catchy house vibes that are embedded into the track. Last but not least, ‘Futura (Outro)’ sees us out whilst still maintaining the high energy levels that have been consistent throughout the past four tracks.

Not once dropping the ball, this EP is evident of CAPO BEATZ’ ability to mould and adapt his sound design whilst also staying true to himself as a producer. You can stream ‘My Beautiful Integrity’ here and also below on Spotify.

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