Clawdeeoh & Valoramous (Press)

Clawdeeoh & Valoramous release eclectic new single ‘Coming Home’ featuring Weldon: Listen

Clawdeeoh & Valoramous have just released a new collaborative single entitled ‘Coming Home’ featuring Weldon.

Having met back in 2019, Clawdeeoh & Valoramous have shared an immense love for EDM in addition to both having served in the U.S. Military, and in another ironic twist of fate- both happen to be from the same state of Texas.  The album artwork for ‘Coming Home’ features the state flower of Texas and the bluebonnet as a subtle homage to their home state.

As the title and lyrics of this song suggest, this track is all about returning to a place of familiar comfort and affection.  According to Clawdeeoh and Valoramous, the main goal of this track is to elicit nostalgia from listeners and pose the question, “What does home represent to you?”

The sound of ‘Coming Home’ is a fusion of EDM and country-pop, fashioned in a style similar to the legendary Avicii.  Alongside vocals from the featured artist Weldon, is an orchestra of bright synths, soothing guitar, and sentimental strings. The duo has woven these melodies together to create a track that evokes alternating moments of euphoria and memories.  From start to finish, ‘Coming Home’ will take you on a wild ride and welcome you with open arms.

Listen to ‘Coming Home’ below:

Image Credits: Clawdeeoh (Press), Valoramous (Press)