Cristoph & Yotto deliver perfection on Eric Prydz’s label with ‘Out Of Reach’ feat. Sansa: Listen

Pryda Presents is synonymous with pristine productions and splendour. Why is that? Because Eric Prydz is an excellent tastemaker and an outstanding curator. This time, the sophisticated imprint hosts a refined masterpiece produced by two talented artists from the new era of electronic music. We are talking about Cristoph and Yotto who once again deliver a single to go straight to the playlist. Both have had an enviable and brilliant career, leaving no doubt about the quality of their skills. But if separately they are genius, when they collide they give you a stellar explosion. ‘Out Of Reach‘ is the track that unites these two magnificent producers with singer/songwriter Sansa and offers an example of perfection to the music scene.

Finnish prodigy Yotto started his career in 2020 and still hasn’t stopped captivating the industry with his eclectic, minimal and mellow sound. Cristoph is one of the honorary members of Pryda and has made only steady steps in his career, dazzling with driving journeys both on the decks and in production. Sansa owns a unique sounding board and is a well-known name on the circuit, having Kaskade on her list of collaborations.

Melodic and progressive, this track clearly shows Cristoph and Yotto’s signature sounds in a solid and seasoned composition that leaves the reality truly ‘Out Of Reach’. Powerful and dark, so is the beginning of the track, clearly showing us Yotto’s contribution. The vocals performed by Sacha are heavenly, making us levitate little by little, at the same time that the synths cut us like sharp knives. The vocalist’s tone is seductive and corpulent, being delicate and terrifying at the same time. A contrast also heard in all the other elements of the track. The rolling bassline reflects well Cristoph’s progressive sound and keeps the energy of the music right up there, contrasting, without competing, with the depth of the kick. ‘Out Of Reach’ is a mixture of emotions, a set of distinct layers perfectly intertwined, resulting in a harmonious and infectious beat.

The versatility of this track makes it perfect for letting melt into the subconscious or dusting off the dancefloor. Take a listen below and feel completely ‘Out Of Reach’:


Image Credits: Cristoph (via Facebook) & Yotto (via Facebook)