Oliver Heldens, Will Clarke

HI-LO and Will Clarke pair up to deliver explosive banger ‘Check’: Listen

Whether on his own or with his alias HI-LO, Oliver Heldens continues in a frenetic pace of releases that is almost impossible to keep up with. As he keeps fattening up his discography, we get more and more excited about the possibility of sharing a dance floor with his latest hits.

Following a creative concept from Greek mythology, HI-LO surprised everyone with Saw of Olympus‘, the work of art resulting from the magical pairing between himself and energetic artist and Filth on Acid label boss Reinier Zonneveld. This single presented itself as an explosion of talent and creativity and revealed a fantastic relationship between these two prodigies. This collaboration left us all wanting more from this irreverent duo and ignited Zonneveld’s intention to host many more HI-LO works on his Filth on Acid imprint. An example of this is ‘Hades‘, a beautiful hard tune we presented to you last week which pairs HI-LO with techno producer T78. ‘Hades’ is part of a two-piece EP officially released this Friday, May 7, along with another bombastic and powerful techno gem ‘Check‘, which pairs HI-LO with the UK’s Will Clarke.

His unique style makes Clarke an iconic character in the industry. Despite being a strong player in the techno scene, Will Clarke doesn’t shy away from navigating through more melodic or more colourful seas, like tech house. However, on this single he doesn’t deviate from the classic elements of techno peak time, showing everyone what techno is all about.

HI-LO is the most underground side of Heldens. This dark powerhouse of his has surprised the industry and fans alike with the completely different sound he delivers. On ‘Check’, he reminds everyone that he grew up in Rotterdam, surrounded by the best hard techno and growing up with industrial rhythm running through his veins. Qualities that combine perfectly with Clarke’s musicality, making this pair a success.

‘Check’ is cold, metallic, hard, like a concrete viaduct where our darkest emotions echo. The beat balances with our pulse making us part of the melody. The cymbals and synths give it some colour and make the narrative oscillate, in a story that thickens intensely until it releases in a shrill and aggressive scream. The buildup is genius and the drop is simply destructive, both being perfect for turning a crowd into a pack of wild animals. Its natural habitat is the dancefloor and that’s where it should be released, as soon as possible.

‘Check’ is highly addictive and hypnotic, capturing us into a parallel universe created by HI-LO and Will Clarke. It’s strong enough to shake the magnetic field of planet earth and create a new gravity. It’s definitely Filth on Acid. Listen to this beauty below:


Image Credit: Oliver Heldens (Press)