Japanese promoters form alliance to support resumption of international touring

For all those in Japan missing those world-class club shows and festivals, we have great news directly for you. Ten leading Japanese international promoters have joined forces to create the International Promoters Alliance Japan. Directed by Creativeman Productions head Naoki Shimizu, this alliance will create guidelines in order to support the start of events and festivals including international artists. The International Promoters Alliance Japan includes top promoters such as Live Nation Japan, Udo Artists, Smash Corporation, Hayashi International Promotions, and Kyodo Tokyo who all have a key role to stay in touch and work very closely with the Japanese government, embassies, and consulates in order to get us up and ready for festival season.

Additionally included in the International Promoters Alliance Japan are Avex Entertainment, Hanshin Contents Link/Billboard Japan, M&I Company, and Promax. The alliance will also share members with the existing music association ACPC in order to successfully shine a light on the cause. Shining a light on the alliance, the group states:

“The history of music in Japan was changed forever in 1966 when the Beatles performed at the Nippon Budokan. Since then, musicians from around the world have come to Japan to perform, and the opportunity for fans to experience high-quality international live entertainment has led to the growth of a rich and diversified Japanese music culture. The fact that Japan has been able to create a larger market for music than any other Asian country is a credit to the more than 60 years of work by member companies of the International Promoters Alliance Japan, who have also contributed to the overseas expansion of Japanese artists and content.”

Already stating good news in Japan for music festivals as SuperSonic 2021 is set to take place on September 18 and 19 in Tokyo, be sure to checkout the official announcement below.

Photo Credits: Rukes.com

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