Jickow releases ‘The Nemesis Of Love’ EP featuring expert remixes : Listen

Making a name for himself, Jickow who hails from Belgium is a rising star in the electronic scene who won’t stop until he reaches his goals. Building a reputation as a producer who loves to create expert, top-notch productions, his career continues to go from strength to strength in huge ways. To further elevate his career, Jickow has released a brand-new EP much to the excitement of fans and it is titled ‘The Nemesis Of Love’.

With this EP, it allows the talented producer to further explore his range of production skills and test his boundaries in new ways, elevating and refining his style to give us what we hear today. ‘The Nemesis Of Love’ features different takes on the title track, each one as exciting and fresh as the other. The original features irresistible melodic and progressive vibes with a seven-minute runtime giving us time to truly get into the track and explore everything that it has to offer. The EP also features two remixes, one from Mark DePulse who, impressively, has over 400 releases to his name and another from French producer Da Fresh who is also a rising talent who demands to be taken seriously. With these two artists combining forces with Jickow, the results are powerful to say the least. Mark DePulse offers a futuristic, slick approach to his remix whilst Da Fresh builds from the original, giving us even more elements that we didn’t know we needed.

Overall, this EP is not one to be missed, so make sure you’re listening to it loud and on repeat below. You can stay tuned to what Jickow does next by visiting his Facebook page here.

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