Joris Voorn

Joris Voorn provides a driving interpretation of ‘Just Like You’ by White Cliffs

In March this year, Joris Voorn delivered a bombastic set at a very special event in The Netherlands. The Fieldlab Test Rave was the first party to happen there in over a year and brought together 1500 people and a handful of DJs, to try and resurrect the live events. In this 100-minute set, Voorn rocked the dancefloor with material exclusively from him made in the last year, except for a Colyn remix of his track ‘Never‘. Amongst these hot tunes, many unreleased, we found brilliant originals and potent remixes. When the Dutch powerhouse took to the stage, the crowd was ecstatic. The first record heard was an absolute first, an unreleased remix that we now know is Joris Voor’s rendition of the White Cliffs track ‘Just Like You‘. Now, after two months of waiting, this revamped version is finally out, via Tea Factory.

The original song is by White Cliffs, a talented psych/electronic/rock Brooklyn-based artist, and is part of this year’s album ‘Stockholm‘. Born Rafe Cohan, White Cliffs is distinguished by a dreamy, melancholic, nostalgic and meaningful sound. To transpose these feelings into music, he uses a variety of musical instruments and vocals of different styles, resulting in tracks of undefined and plural genres. Unconventional yet classic, this artist is a true craftsman that offers cohesive and very interesting pieces. Whether with originals or remixes, since 2017 White Cliffs has been making industry heads turn. ‘Just Like You’ was extremely well received by fans and critics alike for its dazzling features and spectacular guitar effects. On the meaning behind the song, the author explains:

‘I wrote the song about our playful and hypocritical struggle with accepting our true selves. And that struggle is just a part of pursuing a career as a musician… You’re constantly drawing this attention to your project, and in the process, you end up learning quite a bit about yourself, both good and bad. Usually, you experience some denial or imposter syndrome, but after time passes, you are left with acceptance.’

Also keen on unconventional meanings and challenging conformity is Dutch electronic music mogul Joris Voorn. Although he needs no introduction, the surgical skills of this underground music prodigy cannot be overstated. With his sharp taste and acute ear, Voorn is a true Indiana Jones when it comes to finding valuable stones to polish. The particular sound of ‘Just Like You’ sparked his creativity and gave us a monster remix. About this process, Joris Voorn said:

‘While listening to the track for the first time, what stood out for me were the amazing vocals. So, I built my remix around those, making a more dance floor-oriented version of the track that still carries the uplifting vibe of the original. I also love the quirky little sounds from the original so they also have a place in my remix, besides some newly recorded guitar parts and driving synth arpeggios’

The rendition is sublime, in true Voorn style. The remix emanates a good mood and contagious energy, easily able to leave listeners levitating. While retaining the basic elements of the original track, Voorn has upped the tone, exponentiating the vocals and adding his signature synths. Comforting, this version of ‘Just Like You’ provokes nostalgia, creating an instant connection with those who hear it. Sparkling, different, deep and soulful, this remix is floor-focused and club-ready, perfect for putting us in the mood we need to get back to normality. Listen to this dynamic anthem below:


Image Credit: Joris Voorn (via Facebook)