Kaskade, deadmau5

Kaskade & deadmau5 anthem ‘Move For Me’ turns 13 years old

Rewind to 2008, two electronic titans joined forces, stepping into the studio to bring together their talents with the desire to create something extraordinary. Of course, the outcome was ‘Move For Me‘, a hugely popular dance anthem delivered at the hands of American record producer Kaskade and Canadian electronic legend deadmau5. After its release, the song would seek out success in the charts, earn countless plays, and feature in more places than just the music industry. As the track celebrates its thirteenth anniversary, join us as we take a look down memory lane and recall the success of the iconic track.

Released on Ultra Records, ‘Move For Me‘ is a dance-ready anthem that earned its stripes being the lead single from Kaskade’s fifth studio album – Strobelite Seduction. Alongside its delicious melody and groovy basslines, the pair enlisted help from British singer Haley Gibby who provided the vocals for the track. As streams and plays increased, ‘Move For Me‘ charted on Billboards Hot Dance Airplay before reaching the coveted number one spot the following September [2008]. While also appearing on other charts including Canadian Hot 100 and the UK’s Offical Dance Chart, the track appeared on DJ Hero 2, a rhythm video game and a sequel to DJ Hero that requires players to use a special turntable-controller to simulate turntablism. Today, ‘Move For Me’ remains a popular track and is very much appreciated by fans all around the world.

Kaskade and Deadmau5 would later join forces once again and go on to create another success-drenched collaboration called ‘I Remember‘. Of course, it’s been a while since both tracks got their releases. However, here’s to hoping the star-studded producers return to the studio again for another collaboration. We can all wish, right? Relive the magic of ‘Move For Me’ below. Let us know where and when you first heard this song!


Image Credits: deadmau5 (Rukes.com), Kaskade (Rukes.com)