Home Uncategorized Monolink shares breathtaking two-part EP ‘Harlem River’ and ‘Falling’: Listen
Monolink shares breathtaking two-part EP ‘Harlem River’ and ‘Falling’: Listen
Image Credit: Lisa Wassmann https://www.lisawassmann.com/

Monolink shares breathtaking two-part EP ‘Harlem River’ and ‘Falling’: Listen

Home Uncategorized Monolink shares breathtaking two-part EP ‘Harlem River’ and ‘Falling’: Listen

Monolink is dominating 2021 and making it his year. The talented German singer-songwriter is about to release his second studio album worldwide, and fans couldn’t be more excited about it. ‘Under Darkening Skies‘ is the name of the 12-track LP coming on June 11, via Embassy One, Ultra Records and Sweat It Out. We already know a couple of internationally celebrated hits from this highly anticipated long-player from the multi-instrumentalist producer: ‘Otherside‘ and ‘The Prey‘. Now, he drops two more tracks, ‘Harlem River’ and ‘Falling’, as a tempting preview of the eagerly awaited album.

Monolink is today one of the most unique solo live acts in the electronic music scene. His multiple capacities as producer, instrumentalist and singer make him a unique and valuable piece in the industry. His versatility always provokes a great eagerness to discover new work, which usually surprises. Over the years Monolink has accustomed us to surgically well-designed productions, exalting deep and meditative shades of music. In this brand new two-part EP, he bewitches us with two very different approaches.

‘Harlem River’ is a wicked love letter. The spellbinding EP opener is a reinterpretation of Monolink of Kevin Morby‘s iconic 2013 single of the same name, and so much more than just that. The vocals are wistful and the rhythm is highly sensual. The instrumentation is organic and captivating. It would be a real challenge to assign just one genre to ‘Harlem River’ as it has the sensuality of house, the earthy sounds of organic, and a four-four rhythm. The warped synth and the trippy narrative make this single sophisticated and elegant. About the origins of the track, Monolink shares:

‘Harlem River is a tribute to the beautiful original of Kevin Morby. I was out in nature one day, listening to it on my headphones and realised that it would translate perfectly into the soundscapes I like to work with. That’s how the idea was born.’

‘Falling’ has a melody that leaves us completely intoxicated from the very first moments. This downtempo gem enters us slowly and consumes us from the inside out, lulling us into a strangely comforting melancholy. This dark magic reminds us of Monolink’s ability to bewitch through a deep sound and a rhythm almost scientifically conceived to numb the rational side of us. The vocals and lyrics are sweet and velvety, containing pain and agony that truly touches our soul. The powerful chord stabs give it a flair and the stripped-back polyrhythms add some more mystery. ‘Are we going insane?‘ is the question that is asked and the answer is yes. This track truly drives you crazy, but in the best possible way.

If this EP was meant to be a teaser for the album, congratulations Monolink, you’ve got all the music lovers salivating for the remaining tracks. We leave you below the full tracklist of ‘Under Darkening Skies’, which is already available for pre-order and pre-save here. While the album doesn’t yet arrive, dive into the deep and emotive sound of this eclectic EP below:


  1. Laura
  2. The Prey
  3. We Don’t Sleep
  4. Harlem River
  5. Into The Glow
  6. Otherside
  7. Don´t Hold Back
  8. Falling
  9. Under Dark
  10. Reflections
  11. Regen (Interlude)
  12. Take Me Away

Image Credit: Lisa Wassmann

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