MR.BLACK launches HYBIT, his futuristic alias/label with Hardwell’s imprint Revealed Recordings

MR.BLACK is a well-known act throughout the industry. After 5 years of continuously releasing tracks under Hardwell‘s label Revealed Recordings, MR.BLACK is teaming up with the Revealed team to launch his alias and own sub-label, HYBIT.

HYBIT marks a start of a new era, with this new identity exposing MR.BLACK’s  multifaceted and groundbreaking sides,  blurring the boundaries of the musical genres he dominates. Inspired by the Asian market, HYBIT sound  is innovative and experimental, shaping a new concept that blends  psytrance, techno, progressive and big room, in a unique dimension. About this exciting new step in his momentous career, he shares:

“I’ve been working now for almost 5 years with the Revealed team. The Revealed team became my family and I’ve reached the point where I can expand my vision and still be truthful  to the energetic sounds that I believe in, and associated with. Now we are making this vision a reality. I decided to take my sound and the journey I am going through, every time I am in the studio, to an all-other level. 


When I came back from my tour in Japan at the start of February last year, right before the pandemic struck the world, I had a vision to create my own ‘imprint’ that will give starting artists the platform to express themselves. Something more niche and fresher that will also push my own sound without any filters. 


I am so happy I had all the support needed, and that Revealed put their trust in me & my vision.  Within HYBIT, soon there is going to be a new platform for upcoming artists to send demos directly to me, so expect something next level”



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Revealed Recordings stands as one of the biggest brands in the electronic music, talks about HYBIT project: 

Sebastien Lintz / Director Revealed Music:

“At Revealed, talent always comes first. We look to foster and develop talent to ensure our artists reach their full creative potential. 


Together with Yaniv also known as MR.BLACK we started HYBIT, a hybrid between psy trance and big room. HYBIT isn’t just an artist or a label but a music experience. We’ve collaborated with talented designers, to create the 3D animated HYBIT world that transports our Revealed fans to another dimension. 


Today we launch the HYBIT demo platform utilizing Revealed’s internal software that will allow producers to submit tracks to be a part of HYBIT’s world. With this platform, we hope to challenge and inspire producers to create new and innovating tracks together with Yaniv.”


Joël de Vriend / A&R Revealed Music:
“Yaniv has been one of the most exciting and versatile producers we have worked with. The main goal was to showcase such versatility and quality in the best possible way. 


By brainstorming, creating moodboards and focusing on the story behind the artist, HYBIT came to fruition. A place where experience meets new, a place where rules can be bent, focusing on the high energy, psy driven core that is MR.BLACK.”


The world got its first look at HYBIT with the release of the track Konnichiwawhich was released in February of this year. Now with this name, MR.BLACK expands HYBIT  in a massive way and he wants you to get involved. is a new demo platform enabling young and upcoming talents to be part of this unique project. By dropping your demo into the website, you can be in with the chance of collaborating with MR.BLACK himself. Hosting weekly feedback sessions on his Discord server, MR.BLACK is looking specifically for energetic tracks with futuristic psytrance influences,  mixed with different types of genres. “Nothing is too crazy” as he says. 



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As many will know, MR.BLACK has enjoyed a fast-flowing stream of releases both under his main name and his HYBIT name. Working with the likes of Offer Nissim for tracks such as ‘Mucho Bien’ and also ‘Show Me Love’, he has made tracks with other names such as Infected Mushroom, KSHMR,  Ben Nicky and many more. With well over 500,000 monthly listeners under his belt, it is clear that his popularity is only growing more and more as time passes.

With all heads turned towards the future, MR.BLACK keeps us entertained in these uncertain times with productions that never miss the mark. One of the standout artists of 2021.

A 24 year old dance music enthusiast from Manchester, UK. Lover of all genres, especially dubstep and house. Find me at gigs and festivals across the world.

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