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Music Concerts & Virtual Reality

Who could have imagined that virtual reality was going to take the music industry by storm! Now, Vr in online gaming and entertainment is a relatively new concept but the tech evolution keeps redefining what we know as the norm. You now don’t need to physically attend your favourite music concert! 

With a VR headset, you can tune in and immerse yourself in the concert without sacrificing the real concert experience. Let us delve in and explore more on this new marriage between Live Music Concerts and Virtual Reality.

Why Virtual Reality in Live Music Concerts

Live concerts are often a place to be engulfed in an amazing socially charged experience. Although this experience is great, the physical attendance isn’t without flaws either. First, you have to leave your home to the venue, you can miss out on tickets, you can’t control the volume and noises of people in the concert, you might have to wait in line for the restroom, and even get stuck behind tall people among others. This is why the future of virtual reality in the music industry is bright!
With a VR headset, you can immerse yourself in the live concert and see your favorite artist without leaving your home. Think about those people who cannot physically attend a live concert because of distance or several restrictions. Don’t they deserve a way to be part of the concert other than live streaming? With VR, you don’t watch but rather experience the concert. The cameras are positioned onstage. This way, you watch as though you are among the band. No one obstructs you. You can turn around using the camera and see the people in the audience. Don’t be surprised to see your friends in the concert too!  

Virtual Reality is the Future in Music

While virtual reality is still a technology in its infancy, several fields have leveraged and seen immense benefits. Music being one of them doesn’t see any sign of decline in this technology. Several studies and researches paint the future live music concerts characterized by the use of virtual reality. Most popular suggestions from consumers think that VR should be used for sport, games, and concerts. This can be justified by the data from Greenlight Insights in 2017-according to the stats, 65% of consumers confirmed interest in live events. Also, the younger generation showed more interest in leveraging VR for live events. The fact that the young generation is rowing is also an obvious sign that VR will grow in the music industry. 

Will Virtual Reality Kill the Concert Industry?

Arguing that VR will kill the concert industry is premature. At the moment, VR is targeted as an alternative and not a replacement. One of the chief propellers for the adoption of VR in the music industry is the need to bring performance to a wider audience. People from different continents can seamlessly attend a live concert from the comfort of their homes.  Some people don’t have a chance to physically attend some concerts because of restrictions or other unavoidable constraints. However, the adoption of VR in live music concerts will give them a chance to also be part of the concerts. Technology is going to improve and so do VR headsets and systems. The good thing is that VR is improving to give the audience the best live concert music experience.  The adoption of VR will improve with time and in the future people are going to enjoy it more. This experience is a win-win situation for artists and fans rather than a dangerous competition between physical live concerts and VR. 

Challenges of VR in the Music Industry and Needed Improvements

It is no doubt that artists and fans across the globe are used to physical live music concerts. Frankly speaking, there are certain human aspects that technology often struggles to replicate. The audience presence and the energy they give in a concert might be hard for technology to replicate. However, technology and music should coexist. VR technology and gadgets should improve to offer a better experience. However, these issues should not outweigh the enormous benefits of VR in live music concerts.  There is always a chance for improvement and things would be fine-tuned for a better experience in the future. The camera flexibility is one area that would improve the user experience. Directors of VR can jump from one camera to another to make the whole thing resemble a story. Also, the addition of elements like augmented reality and animations will take the experience to another level. At the moment, fans are only able to watch the concert in real-time owing to copyright issues. In the future, things can be harmonized so that people can also watch in their leisure time. 

Wrap up

Live music concerts in virtual reality are a whole great thing in the music industry. Although several areas require improvements, there is a glimpse of a better music concert experience for all in the future. 


Image Credit: Free-Photos from Pixabay

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