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Mysterious duo Pushing Daizies release brand new track ‘I Want To Know’: Listen

The mysterious American producing duo Pushing Daizies have been mesmerising listeners with their signature magical sound of bass-heavy, electronic dance music with a twist of grooviness, seen on their releases such as Our Love’ and ‘Dreams’ that they released earlier this year. The duo is now back with a brand new track titled ‘I Want To Know’.

The producing duo’s name Pushing Daizies took inspiration from the term ‘pushing daisies’ which refers to the flowers that grow over a burial plot when someone dies, usually used as a symbol that points to cycles of life and death. In other words, when someone dies, life is created. With unknown identities, the hype and mystery around them add to the excitement of every new release, including this one. Releasing on Steve Aoki‘s label Dim Mak, ‘I Want To Know’ is an incredible addition to the duos already insane discography. Featuring whimsical vocals, firey basslines, and a perfect melody, this track will be certain to put a smile on every listener’s face.

Pushing Daizies want to spread happiness and joy with this release, hoping to inspire people to live in the present moment, something that is achieved by the song’s uplifting vibes. The duo discusses this for themselves when they talk about the inspiration behind the track:

“‘I Want To Know’ is a song that should get you up to dance like no one is watching. Just living in the moment. It’s a song that makes us smile & shows us how truly blessed we are in this world.”

You can check ‘I Want To Know’ out for yourself on Spotify below and also keep your eyes on everything Pushing Daizies by checking them out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Image Credit: Pushing Daizies (Press)

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