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New York venues can operate at max capacity with fully vaccinated patrons

Following a gradual decline of COVID-19 cases in the area, New York venues will now be able to operate at full capacity as long as attendees are fully vaccinated.

On Wednesday, Governor Cuomo came out with the announcement, detailing their plans to continue to lift coronavirus-related restrictions upon local businesses including those in the entertainment sector. The move was made to actively encourage those in the community to get vaccinated so that they can return to using their usual amenities, as Cuomo explains;

“It works for the venue, it also works for the public because it’s another incentive to get vaccinated […] Having a vaccine allows you to participate in those venues that go to 100% fully vaccinated.”

New York venues have also been offered an alternative way in which to operate, as they are also allowed to invite those who aren’t vaccinated in their spaces. This would be achievable in having a 50% vaccinated – 50% unvaccinated split but at a reduced overall capacity. Unvaccinated areas of said venues would also see patrons still have to adhere to social distancing protocols.

Almost 50% of New Yorkers have had both jabs so far as the US continues to strive for normality once more

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