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REZZ calls upon Dove Cameron for highly-anticipated collaboration ‘Taste Of You’: Listen

After an unsurprisingly positive response from fans and critics to her collaboration with deadmau5 on “Hypnocurrency”, REZZ is back in business with the release of an emotive, yet hypnotic single “Taste Of You” featuring singer and actress Dove Cameron. The space mom known as REZZ has always lured in listeners seamlessly with her bass-fueled signatures and wonky frequencies to induce anyone in the crowd into a hypnotic trance-like state. Taking over the music scene with her distinctive experimental production style which clearly shines in her favor, REZZ is undeniably an icon in the electronic music industry and her artistic direction has shown no limits. With creativity and innovation as a key to her success, REZZ continues to grow her fan base known as the “Cult of REZZ” and today she is calling upon Dove Cameron to take us on a euphoric journey intertwined with various elements of surprise.

Phasing deep into space at a downtempo speed as space-like instrumentals echo in and out, Dove Cameron’s pacifying vocals draw listeners even deeper as a bass-fueled backdrop infused with frequencies becomes apparent. Bringing out all the feels in this one as Cameron’s vocals are truly mesmerizing to the ears, REZZ crafts a track consisting of subtle melodic sounds and of course her bass-fueled signatures. Blending elements of guitar chords and a build-up of drum claps, REZZ and Dove Cameron are showcasing all the emotion with this one as “Taste Of You” is a hypnotizing single indeed. A perfect match as the track displays a unique combination of both REZZ and Dove Cameron’s talents, this collaboration is definitely one for the books. Always brightening up our days, the sky is the limit for REZZ as she continues to shock the industry and impress us one experimental beat at a time.

Listen to REZZ and Dove Cameron’s “Taste Of You” below and let us know what you think in the comments.

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