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Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy team up for melodic bass masterpiece ‘Shadows’: Listen

Proving that everything he touches turns to gold when it comes down to his experimental yet soulful production style, Seven Lions needs no formal introduction. Crafting a few of the finest melodic bass tunes out there and not to mention his immaculate trance-inspired ‘1999’ EP, this talented producer is only getting warmed up in 2021. Connecting with his audience on a deeper level through his ever-evolving music, Seven Lions is truly one of a kind. With amazing news coming directly from Seven Lions, this legend has teamed up with bass and dubstep producer Wooli and producer and vocalist Amidy for a melodic bass masterpiece ‘Shadows’ which only continues to evolve throughout the track. Bringing out a new meaning to melodic bass with a side of jaw-dropping dubstep, Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy are taking listeners on a beautiful journey filled with bass-infused signatures.

Truly passionate about his music, Seven Lions is going deep into the feels with this one. As a calming piano instrumental sounds truly perfect to the ears, soothing vocals blend flawlessly with the stargazing instrumental. Becoming speechless as the track progresses, a melodic build-up becomes apparent and transforms into a vortex of several musical camouflages from Seven Lions, Wooli and Amidy. Taking listeners into the world of ground-breaking dubstep, these producers surprise their listeners with metal-twisting backdrops and whipping instrumentals to create a force not many can take lightly. A unique track indeed, Seven Lions, Wooli and Amidy seamlessly blend elements of melodic bass and dubstep to craft a powerful masterpiece that only continues to leave us in awe every time. Always transforming the sonic landscape for future generations to come, be sure to keep an eye out for these producers as they take over the music industry.

Out now on Ophelia Records, listen to Seven Lions, Wooli & Amidy’s ‘Shadows’ below.

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