Talla 2XLC recruits Gid Sedgwick to release a trance belter ‘Destined From The Start’: Listen

Recently, the trance scene has seen the merging of two titans. Veteran DJ and music producer Talla 2XLC has teamed up with Gid Sedgwick, one of the most famous voices on the circuit, to create a single that was ‘Destined From The Start’. This euphoric track was released early this month via That’s Trance, one of Talla 2XLC’s imprints.

As summer approaches and the festivals and parties seem to return, ravers’ hearts start pumping harder. But prepare your hearts, as the beat can get out of control with the energy brought by this powerful tune.  If you’re a fan of the purest trance, uplifting and furious, you will love this beauty.

Talla 2XLC is one of the most solid names in dance music, especially in the trance scene. The beginning of his career intersects with the growth of the genre itself and his German origins are reflected in the punch of his sound. With over 3 million in album sales, this progressive trance music machine presents an impressive curriculum, with great weight in the industry, and the best is that it shows no signs of slowing down. His high-spirited bangers have been released on some of the most established labels like Armada Music, In Trance We Trust, Subculture, Outburst Records, Nocturnal Animals and, of course, Talla’s TechnoClub and That’s Trance. Outside the studio, Talla is the author of herculean journeys behind the decks, capable of taking the crowd out of space in true sonic trips. The German heavyweight has set the stages of many well-known festivals such as Tomorrowland, MAYDAY Dortmund, and both Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando and Mexico.

With the changes brought by the pandemic, Talla 2XLC sought to innovate and adapt to the context, betting on livestreams through Twitch. It was a wise move that earned him over 12,000 followers within a year. This approach also kept him close to his fans and won him new ones, while sharing quality music to all music lovers in these difficult times. In parallel, Talla also took the time to dive into the studio and dedicate himself wholeheartedly to production. The result was to release a track almost every week and an album. An impressive pace that few artists can keep up with. Apart from all this mastery in production and behind the wheels of steel, Talla 2XLC’s work stands out for its high-quality collaborations. One of them is Gid Sedgwick, on ‘Destined From The Start’.

There are neutral voices, there are voices that fit various styles and then there are voices perfect for trance music. This is the case with the talented Gid Sedgwick. Hailing from the South East of England, he is a pristine vocalist who, despite being very young, is already recognised as royalty on the trance circuit. As good at singing as he is at writing music, Gid has collaborated with other big names in trance such as Armin van Buuren and is currently one of the power assets of Anjunafamily.

The combination of these two trance powerhouses could only result in something magical, and that’s what happened. ‘Destined From The Start’ is energetic and engaging. The background is atmospheric and the vocals velvety and celestial, creating a close connection with the listener. The track is scenic, atmospheric while emanating a blazing pace, perfect for dancing. The drop takes us floating into another dimension, leaving us immediately mesmerised by the progressive rhythm. It’s a powerful yet delicate track, an incredible blend between a melodramatic vocal and a punchy, uplifting melody.

Keep up with Talla 2XLC’s frenetic career, there are many exciting things on the horizon. For now, lose your belt and get carried away in this wonderful trance experience with ‘Destined From The Start’.

Image Credit: Talla 2XLC (Press)