TATE SEDAR and Marty Barrick

TATE SEDAR and Marty Barrick team up for electric collaboration ‘Code’: Listen

A track that is said to ‘rewrite the concept of collaboration’, TATE SEDAR and Marty Barrick have teamed up together for their newest single titled ‘Code’.

Born in San Francisco and raised in the UK, TATE SEDAR started producing before his teenage years garnering years upon years of experience and knowledge. Starting as a vocalist but then graduating to learn how to compose, produce and write songs, he gained a strong love for house music. After studying music business, he then took time to refine his career and began to release music, and the rest is history.

A multi-genre producer and vocalist, Marty Barrick has shown that he has what it takes to produce successful tracks that cross genres and defy boundaries. A graduate of Icon Collective, he has – so far – produced and written well over 100 records over his career, and has amassed over 80,000 streams and the numbers continue to grow. With two successful artists together on the same track, it is always exciting to see what they come up with and TATE SEDAR and Marty Barrick have not disappointed.

‘Code’ is a track with a message. Comparing requited love to granting access on a computer, this is described not only through the track name but also with the sound effects put into the track itself, with security effects from Windows XP and other devices. Cleverly thought out, Marty Barrick’s vocals command, demanding attention and driving the track forward. With a strong set of vocals already laid out, it provides a solid foundation for the electro soundscape to grow. Punching synths and metallic leads feature heavily in the drop, which is perfect for festivals and allowing listeners to lose themselves and go crazy to the melodies. A great festival anthem which also features themes of love, ‘Code’ makes for essential listening and you can do so below.

Image credits: TATE SEDAR and Marty Barrick press shots

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