The Auditor

The Auditor returns to the charts with ‘Walking Through the Darkness’: Listen

Rising through the ranks of the underground music scene in the United States, ‘The Auditor’ has seen massive growth in his skills and recognition as a minimal techno artist over the past few months. Having clinched a solid spot in Spinnin’s Top 100 chart for more than 3 weeks through his dark progressive record “Wedding Day,” the artist is set to enter the deeper realms of minimal techno with his latest single called “Walking Through the Darkness.”

Starting off with some intense hypnotic vocals and buzzing synths, Walking Through the Darkness features a constant uprise in terms of tension and intensity throughout its duration that makes it mysterious enough to be related with words like ‘chills’ and ‘goosebumps.’ The lovers of all underground genres in the industry are set to be amazed by the artist’s extraordinary grip on his production techniques at such an early stage of his career.

Here’s what The Auditor had to say about his latest release –

” I wanted to create a dark track which resembles the feeling that you have when you are walking through the darkness. When you can hear everything totally clear because it’s so dark and silent. Apart from being minimal and techno in nature, it is an example of experimental music that I created in my home studio.”

Don’t forget to check our Walking Through the Darkness Below:


Image Credit: The Auditor (Press)

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