June 2021

Multi-talented singer/songwriter Brey, real name Aubrey Greeley, has just released her first-ever single on Cosmic Wire, titled ‘Getaway Car.’ Classically trained cello player, bassist and guitarist, there is no end to what the California-based artist can achieve. However, looking for a way to escape her inner demons, this track is the perfect way of showcasing the impact that mental illness

A compressor is a tool that is used to reduce the dynamic range between the quietest and loudest parts of an audio signal. It operates by increasing the volume of the quiet parts and reducing the volume of the loud ones making the audio a bit more consistent in the process. Looking at the compressor can be overwhelming sometimes especially

Spitfire Audio released a brand new plugin to their Originals series called Cinematic Pads. This plugin consists of a 2.7Gb library which is exclusively recorded from symphonic orchestral recordings captured at AIR Studios, London. Down below is our review of the plugin.   Features When first opening up the Cinematic Pads plugin, you are met by a clean-looking interface with a few knobs

After a five-year wait, fans of Justice might finally be getting new material. With their last studio album "Woman" coming in 2016, many in the electronic music community wondered when the next full-length project would surface. Since 2016 the French duo has only released a remix album, but the time for waiting seems to be coming to an end. While discussing

With less than three weeks to go until the digital edition of music lovers' favourite festival, Tomorrowland releases the full timetable. After all the distress, sadness and disappointment that has plagued People of Tomorrow in recent weeks following the official confirmation of the festival's cancellation, Tomorrowland rekindles the magic by unveiling the final details of Around the World two-day digital

Even before the pandemic forced borders to close, there were already isolated countries, cities, and regions. Geographical isolation is often easier to overcome than ideological isolation. Sometimes the walls are so high that not even music can break them down. Fortunately, this reality seems to be changing in Saudi Arabia, as David Boyle described in this year's IMS Business Report,

During one of the world's largest music product trade shows, called NAMM, Behringer displayed some of their newest upcoming releases. The Behringer RD-8 MKII drum machine did come as a surprise as they didn't announce it during NAMM 2021. On June 28, 2021, Behringer introduced their newest drum machine to the world through an introduction video on YouTube.   | Best House

Skrillex gave us literal ‘Butterflies’ with the release of his first musical production since 2019. With the single showcasing Skrillex’s ability of both adapting and moulding his sound to what seems the perfect fit at the present time, ‘Butterflies’ featuring Four Tet and Starrah is the prime example of his musical excellence. With success already guaranteed, Skrillex has now shared

Future house pioneer Tchami has unveiled 'Year Zero Remixes', an extensive remix package made up of tracks from his acclaimed debut album 'Year Zero', out now. Coining the term future house, Tchami has released chart-topping singles over the course of his career including ‘Promesses’, ‘Adieu’, and ‘Afterlife’, and collected nearly half a billion streams across platforms. In 2020, Tchami released the show-stopping debut album 'Year Zero', after a ton of