Above & Beyond’s iconic album ‘Group Therapy’ turns 10 years old

On 6 June 2011, iconic trio Above & Beyond released what would become one of the most beloved trance albums in the scene, ‘Group Therapy’. Now, this album turns ten years old and we’re looking back upon its legacy and how it has impacted the scene.

‘Group Therapy’ gave us some of the most beloved tracks from the trio, including the likes of ‘Sun & Moon’‘Alchemy’‘Thing Called Love’ and many more. It can be rare for an album to have so many iconic tracks but every track out of 15 featured on the regular album (Amazon UK having a bonus track titled ‘With Your Hope’ and the iTunes UK & US deluxe edition featuring a bonus Beirut Demo of ‘Sun & Moon) is a beloved piece of art that many hold close. Although it is now ten years old, the album and the contents within it ages extremely well, still feeling fresh and new proving that Jono Grant, Tony McGuinness and Paavo Siljamäki were more than ahead of the game when they created it.

Just over a year since ‘Group Therapy’ was released, on 5 November 2012 they announced the end of Trance Around the World and Group Therapy radio became its successor. Sharing the same name as the album, ABGT has become a global titan, with weekly episodes that are often celebrated with massive events all over the world. It’s clear that ‘Group Therapy”s influential has been monumental to say the least.

It seems as though the trio are looking to celebrate this album’s anniversary in a special way, as a post from their social media accounts state that they’ll have news about this anniversary later in the year, and that fans should stay tuned. Currently, it’s a big year for them as they have previously announced two special Red Rocks shows along with an extra special ABGT 450 show in their hometown of London this August. For now, revisit this iconic album below.

Image Credit: Above & Beyond (via Facebook)

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