Arty embraces the spirit of love through latest single ‘One Night Away’: Listen

Superstar Russian record producer and DJ Arty (Artem Stolyarov) has just released a brand new progressive house banger called ‘One Night Away’, which happens to be one of his most personal singles to date. Having just came back from a visit to his family in Los Angeles, the artist was super excited to work on this idea with Chloe Gasparini and Charlie Snyder, and for what it’s worth, the track is set to bombard its listeners with positive vibes of love and affection.

Arriving as Arty’s second single of the year, ‘One Night Away’ was definitely worth all the wait. Starting off with some frisky guitar strums coupled with a layer of catchy vocal hooks, the track resembles everything that made us fall in love with Arty as a progressive house maestro. As a matter of fact, the track and its lyrics revolve around someone really special for our beloved artist.

“‘One Night Away’ is a track dedicated to a person that’s taking a very special place in my life”, ARTY explains. “It’s inspired by love and it’s about love too, but this song also touches upon the hope that should never leave peoples’ hearts when they’re seeking happiness. After telling Chloe and Charlie my story, everybody in the studio was so inspired that all of the lyrics were written in less than an hour. That’s what love can do to, with, and for people. It inspired me to produce this song, and I hope ‘One Night Away’ will inspire others in return.”

Be sure to check out ‘One Night Away’ below –

Image credit: Easton Schirra 

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