Bassassin releases bass single ‘Top Shelf’ on Reverb Nation: Listen

Hailing from sunny San Diego, producer Bassassin has released a new track, “Top Shelf,” that sees him concoct another infectious track in the bass genre. Independently released the new single features his signature high-energy sound that has been described as maniacal. Bassassin was compelled to release the single as his foray back into live music now that the vaccination rate has increased, promising to be back in action for this summer’s festival season.

Commencing with an electronic groove somewhat reminiscent of electronica pioneers Kraftwerk, he quickly veers into undulating bass beats. Relying on the intensity of his synths, the only vocal is a tongue-in-cheek call back to The Chainsmokers’ breakout hit “Selfie” articulated by his wife Alma, portraying a club patron requesting only top shelf liquor, hence the title.

Remarking on his inspiration for the track, Bassassin is seeking to balance a good time with responsible drinking:

“It was inspired by my attitude toward liquor and is more about enjoying rather than excessive consumption of alcohol.”

As the EDM world revs up live shows once again, this is a message we can all get behind. The producer/DJ is poised to return to live music himself, promising to deliver sets which invigorate crowds with power and skill. Enhancing the music with impressive production and over-the-top energy, he is a presence in the scene in his native Southern California.

Listen to “Top Shelf” below:

Image Credit: Bassassin (Press)