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Bobby Páraknight releases summer ready tune ‘Bathe In Sunshine’: Listen

Hailing from New York, Bobby Páraknight is a multi-faceted artist who grew up immersed in all kinds of art, leading him to become the performer that he is today. A singer, actor and dancer, there isn’t anything that Bobby cannot master. Proving to be a whirlwind of natural talent, he is certainly one of the most exciting young prospects to have entered the music industry over the past couple of years and his newest single ‘Bathe In Sunshine’ is looking to replicate the success he has had with his debut single The Prelude back in March which garnered thousands of streams and critical acclaim.

‘Bathe In Sunshine’ couldn’t have come at a better time. With the days beginning to be filled with more sunshine and warmer air as we creep into the summer season, Bobby Páraknight has given us all the perfect track to fill these days with and to soundtrack our summer. About ‘Bathe In Sunshine’, he says:

“Me and my team selected ‘Bathe In Sunshine’ out of the catalogue of songs I’ve written to kick off the summer. It felt just right, being a very bright and upbeat number. It was made on New Year’s Eve when I was playing out some waltzy chord progressions, just having fun on my piano. It came about and I stashed it away, only to later complete it and enter production. I played all the Guitar and Piano parts, asked my friend to play bass on it and orchestrated a jazzy drum track, out came Bathe In Sunshine, the first of the summer 2021 releases to come.”

Not only will fans old and new love this track, it also gives us an indication as to who Bobby is as an artist, showcasing his impressive skills and roaring passion. With playful lyrics that invite listeners to sing along and a vibe that will put a smile on listeners’ faces that cannot be avoided, ‘Bathe In Sunshine’ is here to become one of the biggest summer hits of 2021, and you can finally listen to it below. For more music like this, check out our music section on our website.


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