Boris Brejcha

Boris Brejcha dives back into minimal tech on ‘EXIT EP’: Listen

Boris Brejcha, the mysterious musical harlequin ravishes fans once again with another amazing EP. Entitled ‘EXIT‘, this work is a three-act play where Brejcha’s high-tech minimal sound is the main character. ‘EXIT EP‘ is now out via Ultra Records, the imprint that has been hosting many of the German artist’s hits.

At the end of April, Boris Brejcha shared ‘House Music‘, a dance cut featuring Arctic Lake. Called and filled with house, the single showed once again that Brejcha’s talented hands can mess with any style of music. But fool those who let themselves believe that the DJ and music producer was going down a new path. At full speed and armed with the mystery brought by his Venetian mask, Boris Brejcha dives back into his signature sound to deliver minimal techno. If on one hand, the compass seems to point to more progressive and energetic directions, on the other hand, it seems to lead you to a dark and industrial alley. In ‘EXIT EP’ you find exquisite music, delicately layered in a melody to consume introspectively, like a piece of chocolate melting in your mouth. The name of the album couldn’t be more appropriate. It is a true journey, at various speeds, with various stops, crossing different territories. An exit to everything that has been tormenting him.

EXIT‘ is the first track and the one that lends its name to the EP. The bass is addictive and causes serious disruption to the pulse rate. Developing along the theme, you hear the sounds that seem to be the train beeps and the voice that keeps you company in the cabin or at the station, here starring a special vocalist. Ginger, Brejcha’s real-life companion once again gives voice to the artist’s work, only to excel the track. It’s minimal, but it’s not empty. It grants air to absorb the sounds, interpret the melody and feel the music. Halfway through the plot, the narrative changes without warning, as if through a portal. It’s a beautiful 8 minutes, an obligatory entrance journey.

With a focus on the beat, comes ‘The Caravan‘. The spooky keys come tormenting, harking back to a horror carnival. The percussion is organic, contrasting with the extremely electronic sounds, often reminiscent of computer games. Devoid of voice, this track frees the mind to whatever it wants, serving as a soundtrack for whatever your mood is. Like a real caravan, it is a vehicle, for your body and soul, to a new level. It has Brejcha written all over it.

Cruise Lane‘ is the last track on the EP and stays distinct from the others. Less dry than the previous one, it offers a minimal groove that attacks the hips right away. The claps set the tone and make ‘Cruise Lane’ official as the most open track in terms of mood. Without losing the formalism and rectitude of melodic techno, it offers a warmer, stripped-down dance. It is extremely dynamic in rhythm and in the number of elements that seem to choreograph a show. It’s a prime example of a good minimal dance piece, full of sparkle, without extravaganza.

Anyone who has anything against the magnificence of this album, speak now or forever hold your peace. The diagnosis is a 10/10, courtesy of Boris Brejcha. Dive into the mystery behind the mask and get involved with ‘EXIT EP’ below:

Image Credit: Felix Hohagen