Cam Coda

Cam Coda releases eclectic new single ‘Coping Mechanisms’: Listen

Cam Coda released her newest single, ‘Coping Mechanisms’, on June 4th, 2021. The track is available on multiple streaming platforms. Up and coming DJ/Producer Cam Coda (real name Camille Shrager) already has an arsenal of releases under her belt including her debut EP ‘Reify’, which was released earlier this year. After attending college, Coda went on to graduate from LA’s famous Icon Collective, a music production school that has housed many talents you might see on the scene today. As a versatile artist, Cam grew up playing piano and being part of a number of acapella groups throughout college. Listeners get a true feel of what Cam Coda is all about in ‘Reify’, which melds silky vocals with a pop-persona.

Her new track, ‘Coping Mechanisms’ gets up close and personal.

I wrote this EP about having trouble cutting off negative coping mechanisms and unhealthy habits that I was leaning on and that kept me going for a while. Writing and producing this empowered me to become a healthier version of myself and I hope it empowers you to do the same.”

Give her new track a listen below:

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Image Credit: Cam Coda (Press)