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Clubs begin to open back up in parts of Spain

It seems as though parts of Spain are beginning to re-enter normal life as clubs begin to open in Spanish territories including Madrid, Barcelona, Santander and more.

With certain parts of the world having opened their doors to the clubs, Spain follows suit after a plan was erected to outline rules and plans for all 17 regions in Spain which also includes islands. An Interterritorial Health Council vote allowed for these territories to start rolling out rules in regards to opening nightlife back up – although some strict rules have still been put in place to ensure that the Covid-19 virus will not spread, and everyone remains safe.

These include face masks to be worn on the dancefloor and curving large group gatherings by limiting parties to be in a group of six at a maximum. The capacity and closing time rules apply differently depending on the region though, with Catalonia, La Rioja, Murcia and Valencia nightclubs having indoor capacities of 50%, whereas venues in Madrid are allowed 75% indoor capacities. Also depending on the region, clubs will shut between 2AM and 3AM and are also allowed full capacity outdoors. Spanish news site The Local has posted a full list of what each region’s restrictions are.

This news also follows that on Saturday 26 June, Spain will lift the restriction which states that people must wear face masks outdoors, marking another step closer to pre-covid life. With all this nightclub news though, unfortunately this does not include the party isle of Ibiza where clubs are still to remain closed for now. With vaccination rates going at a steady speed – close to one in three people are fully vaccinated and 48% have received their first vaccine – Spain is inching closer and closer to normality.


Image Credit: Hard Rock Ibiza (via Twitter)

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