Electronic music explodes in popularity on social media

The annual IMS Business Report has just been unveiled, and in it is a lot of interesting facts and figures about the music industry, streaming and much more. We Rave You is looking more in depth into this report, sharing the interesting facts and figures featured within. In one particular section, it details how electronic music has exploded in popularity across social media in 2020. There’s no doubt that we have seen a soar in popularity pertaining to electronic music over the years. Becoming more popular in the mainstream, this also means that you will see electronic music all over social media way more than in previous years and the IMS Business Report has shared interesting facts to support this in their ‘Engaging Fans’ section.

Partnering with Shareablee, a software company specialising in curated data which empowers brands to drive success on social media, IMS have compiled data based on how the Top 100 electronic artists (according to Spotify) have performed in 2020 on social media.

Image via: IMS Business Report page 70

Overall, it shows that Facebook and YouTube were the social channels where these artists saw the most growth. With Facebook reactions seeing an overall increase with ‘love’ reactions on posts rising by 36% and likes increasing by a massive 50%, this means that more traffic has been drawn to their pages creating even more of an audience with the same audience also being more vocal considering that comments on posts had also increased, this time by 32%. Overall actions on Facebook had increased by 41%. On the YouTube front, videos had seen a whopping 76% increase and views and an overwhelming 319% increase of comments, showing that viewers had become more engaged with who they were watching on the video platform. Interestingly enough though, the number of videos posted to YouTube in 2020 had only increased by 3%.

Overall genre rise, though, electronic music did not perform greatly as we can see in this graph below.

Image via: IMS Business Report page 71

Pop was in the lead by a long run, with hip-hop & rap following second but not even close to touching the same amount of cross-platform actions as pop had. Surprisingly, even though electronic music had been widely talked about and artists were dominating on social media, the genre comes in sixth out of the eight and only accounted for 6% of share actions among the eight genres across YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

To summarise, electronic music artists have had a great year on social media in 2020, and that could widely be helped by the pandemic forcing people to not be able to tour and instead get creative with ways to engage their audience. Want to read the full report? You can do so here.


Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

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