ELYAZ releases euphoric track ‘The Place Where We Belong’: Listen

Italian-based producer, DJ, and songwriter ELYAZ (whose real name is Mauro Elias Morone) has been captivating fans and listeners with his deep passion for music that is mirrored in his stunning portfolio of releases. He is a master of the arts putting his entire life into his work, with complete creative freedom as he succeeds at his own sound design, mixing, mastering, vocals as well as a skilled pianist and guitarist. He has recently released a euphoric brand new track titled ‘The Place Where We Belong’

Like his previous releases such as ‘Wildlands and Break The Distance’, ‘The Place Where We Belong’ has a unique and heartfelt story to go along with it, being something ELYAZ is known for, this track sends is based on a mans guided journey of the rediscovery of the strength and beauty of lost love and is explained in further detail by ELYAZ.

The pages of an old book tell the tale of a lost seadog on a quest to find a faraway emotion. A hidden treasure map and a long-forgotten spyglass will guide him on a journey to rediscover the strength and beauty of a lost love. At the foot of a waterfall, a mysterious woman comes forth with a pyramid in her hands bringing a message held among the memories of an ancient library.

The track is extremely whimsical and easy on the ears for the listener, with ELYAZ’s elegant and superb vocals taking the track to a whole new level. Provoking euphoria for the listener with its magical production of alluring beats and delicate piano keys, the track will be a pleasant addition to anyone’s playlist.

The release of ‘The Place Where We Belong’ is accompanied by a sensational official music video that adds to the producer’s unique way of storytelling as an artist. Being written, produced and directed by ELYAZ himself you can check out on Youtube here and fully captivate yourself further with the story behind the track, and also make sure to check this unmissable track out for yourself on Spotify below. You can also download it here.

Image Credit: ELYAZ (Press)

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