France set to allow full-capacity outdoor events starting from 30 June

Following a wave of upliftment surrounding the covid restrictions in Europe, France is set to join the list of countries that can now witness maximum capacity outdoor events without worrying about social distancing. Starting from 30 June, outdoor events will no longer be confined to the limit of 5000 people that is currently a part of the guidelines laid out by the government. This massive announcement by the nation implies that it has now joined the likes of Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Austria who all have also announced their intentions of removing the limits on the audiences for outdoor events in the near future.

Festival-goers showing up at an event exceeding a capacity of 1000 people will have to present a Pass Sanitaire (health pass), which is the French government’s way of verifying whether an individual has been vaccinated with both doses or not. As an alternative, attendees can also produce a negative covid test not older than 48 hours to gain entry. As far as France is concerned, indoor events will still operate at 75% capacity until further notice.

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Image Credits: Hellfest Open Air Festival (via Instagram)


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