Hernán Cattáneo

Hernán Cattáneo unveils ‘El Sueño Del DJ’, his first biographical book

Argentina’s finest Hernán Cattáneo returns to the headlines, this time to share the news of his book release. Summarising three decades of career, ‘El Sueño Del DJ’ is Cattáneo’s memoir compilation, out now via Editorial Planeta.

Born in Buenos Aires, Hernán Cattáneo is part of the early chapters of progressive house and electronic music. His fame was born in the booth, where his unique style catapulted him to stardom. Author of magical and contemplative sets, Cattáneo earned the nickname El Maestro for the way he turned each song and each mixer into a real instrument. Inspired by the energy of the crowd, he produced true musical tales. The Argentinian artist’s love and devotion for music gave him an understanding of his art that was almost transcendent, often seeming possessed by the music gods. Anyone who has had the opportunity to dance to the sound of Hernán Cattáneo understands this analogy. DJing is for many a dream and for others the work of a lifetime. For Cattáneo, it is simply his natural way of expressing himself and sharing his energy.

Hernán Cattáneo has more than thirty years of career, he took about three thousand planes to tour, he has seventeen thousand hours on stage, he released 11 albums, 30 singles and 50 remixes, he is a label boss and played in thousands of venues. This is what we know about this talented DJ, but there is much more to discover and that is now unveiled in this captivating book. ‘El Sueño Del DJ’ stands for ‘The DJ’s Dream’ and portrays the dream that one day young Hernán Cattáneo had of turning his passion for music into his profession. He is one of the most talented storytellers behind the decks and it is now time to delve into his own story. In addition to his memoirs, exhilarating insights and heartfelt confessions, the book includes interviews with some of his dearest colleagues in the profession, such as the renowned artist Paul Oakenfold.

Experience the exciting journey of one of the most important names in melodic and progressive sound. Grab your copy of ‘El Sueño Del DJ’ here.

Image Credit: Hernán Cattáneo (via Facebook)