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Insomniac moves Day Trip Festival to new location on week of event

Unfortunate news is coming from Insomniac as Day Trip Festival is forced to move from their original Los Angeles location. The news came in the form of a video from Insomniac CEO, Pasquale Rotella in the early morning of June 30th stating that the event could no longer take place in Hollywood Park. This comes at an even more crucial time as the event is scheduled to happen this weekend starting on July 3rd. Day Trip Festival is a house music-specific event that began preparation last year. One of the main selling points of the festival was its location. Located next to the ocean, the plan was to have Yachts in the background and fireworks for the performances, but now none of that will be able to happen. Insomniac will relocate the show to the NOS Events Center located in San Bernardino.


“I’m as frustrated as all of you must be. It has not been as easy to come out of the pandemic and plan large-scale events on the west coast.” – Pasquale Rotella


However, Rotella has made sure that all ticket buyers are rightly compensated. Each individual who purchased a ticket will get these benefits:


  • A 100% automatic refund of your ticket
  • Original Day Trip Festival ticket will be valid for show at the new location
  • Reimbursement for non-refundable hotels and flights
  • Free admission to any non-sold out Insomniac festival in 2021


According to Rotella, the location change comes after Insomniac found out that their partners at SoFi Stadium were unaware of certain licensing they needed to put on an event of this size. After spending the past week trying to expedite the process and get the correct licenses in time to keep the event in its original location, the realization was made that there was not enough time.


“I think that my passion at this point is almost working against me and us.”, says Pasquale 


This is not the first time this year that Pasquale Rotella has had to hastily change information. Back In April, EDC was forced to change its greenlit May dates to October with only a month until the event was to take place. However, Rotella and the Insomniac team have always made sure that through these unprecedented times that the fans were always taken care of. Whether it’s through refunds or benefits, Insomniac has never left its customers in the dark and for that, they must be commended. While Day Trip Festival might not be taking place in the ideal location the essence of the event will still be there, the house music. Some of the greatest house DJs in the world will play in front of a crowd this weekend in San Bernardino with an experience that is sure to be one for the ages. If you are a ticket holder, make sure to check your email for confirmation of your refund.


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