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Interview: Gryffin talks new single 'Best Is Yet To Come', future plans and more

Interview: Gryffin talks new single 'Best Is Yet To Come', future plans and more

Home Uncategorized Interview: Gryffin talks new single 'Best Is Yet To Come', future plans and more

Gryffin is one of the finest exports to have graced the electronic music scene in the past years. Gaining popularity for huge remixes for artists such as Tove Lo and Maroon 5, he exploded onto the scene with a fresh sound that was completely unique and turned heads like no other. Always having the ability to amass millions of streams per single he releases, he is certainly one of the most interesting artists around right now. We caught up with Gryffin for an interview to discuss new single ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ with Kyle Reynolds, his future plans and more.

Your new single ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ is out now. What was the creation process of this track like?

Kyle Reynolds (the featured vocalist) and April Bender (co writer) came to me with this track and concept about wanting to make a song to give people hope, and to lift their spirits amist being in the pandemic. I fell in love with the concept and we worked through the song together on Zoom, passing ideas back and forth until we finalized the record.

‘Best Is Yet To Come’ feels like a track filled with hope. Are there any particular messages that you’re hoping fans will take away from it?

I wanted to create an uplifting, anthemic song as we get out of the pandemic, to signify that it’s been a rough year but great things are on the horizon.

With this track and also with more recent releases, it seems like you’re venturing into new styles and discovering different genres. What made you want to do this and what was the inspiration? 

I’ve always liked experimenting with different genres and styles, to always push myself as a creative. This next wave of music embodies that, and I can’t wait for you to hear it.


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You’ve also recently collaborated with artists such as Two Feet and Audrey Mika. What is it like to collaborate with artists during the pandemic? Is it quite different than it would be normally?

It was incredible working with them, but yes it was a challenge. A lot of Zoom sessions and passing files back and forth, which slows the process up a bit. Definitely looking forward to more in person sessions soon, but really proud with how these records came out.

Speaking of collaborations, who is your dream artist to work with and why?

Calvin Harris, because he makes incredibly catchy, good music that’s musically diverse and always a step ahead of the curve.

More shows are being announced now in light of things returning to normal, and you’ve also announced a Las Vegas residency along with a string of festival appearances. How does it feel to announce these shows and know that touring could soon be a possibility again?

It feels great to get back on the road and see my fans again. I really missed performing over the past year, and even though we’re not 100% there yet, it’s really awesome to start announcing new dates again, and I’m optimistic that things will return to normal sooner than later.

What else is in the pipeline for you? Are there any special projects or new tracks that you’re working on and can tell us about?

I’ve got a bunch of new records I’m releasing throughout the summer, which will lead into my second album. Been working really hard on new music, and can’t wait to perform the new material for you guys.

Gryffin and Kyle Reynold’s new collaboration ‘Best Is Yet To Come’ is out now, and you can stream it below on Spotify and other platforms here.

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