Markhese, Jean Marie

Markhese joins forces with Flo Rida & Jean Marie on ‘Kiss Me Now’: Listen

Jean Marie & Markhese have just released their new track ‘Kiss Me Now’ featuring Flo Rida, out now on Sony Music Italy.

‘Kiss Me Now’ presents a fast and explosive rhythm with both slow and rhythmic segments, allowing listeners from all walks of life to enjoy.  The fast-paced track is in a Reggaeton fashion until the drop quickly turns into an in-your-face dubstep all accompanied by a silky saxophone and a cluster of singers, including the Hip-Hop sensation Flo Rida.

The refrain sings “kiss me now”, which is supposedly a special nod to the main symbol of deprivation caused by the COVID-19 virus, yet also reminds us of the emotional and social component that no one is willing to give up.  In addition to a thumping track, FUTURE KIDS, a project created by Jean Marie and Ancestrale A&M, will donate a portion of royalties generated to aid in the fight against COVID-19 by providing personal protective equipment, respirators, ventilators, medical/surgical aid, and installments of intensive care rooms.

“Kiss Me Now” is a collaboration between the following artists: Aloisi, Andrea Imberti, AVP, Barletta, Blondex, Caranza, Dani B., DAVEMAX, DJ Frenz, DJ Tilo, Farkas, Jean Marie, Joe Bertè, JP Sax, Kill The Frequency, Lil Van, Malvar, Mesce, Markhese, Mirko Alimenti, Mr. Scarybox, Niko Marke, Peter Torre, PUL.SAR, Remo Giugni, Rudim, Shadow X Light, HD Life Entertainment.

Listen to ‘Kiss Me Now’ below:

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Image Credits: Markhese (Press), Jean Marie (Press)