KSHMR releases ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ ahead of deluxe ‘Harmonica Andromeda’ release: Listen

After releasing his debut album ‘Harmonica Andromeda’ only a few months ago, dance music icon KSHMR is already back at it again with the release of ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ featuring the vocals of TZAR. The track is set to be included on the extended ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’, which is set to be released later this month. The track sees KSHMR drop the bpm and take the listener through a relaxing, yet captivating, soundscape. The record opens with distorted but graceful vocals, soon introducing a guitar and deep bass line, along with KSHMR’s signature organic ethnic sounds layered over the drop.

The vocals on ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ are courtesy of 1980’s inspired pop vocalist TZAR. After previously working together on their 2020 tracks ‘Voices’, they’re back together delivering more ethereal sounds with their latest release. She’s also no stranger to the dance music scene, having also worked with the likes of Zed’s Dead, JOHN K, K. Flay and many more, so you shouldn’t be surprised if you recognise her angelic vocals.

Releasing a deluxe album isn’t the only thing KSHMR has been keeping himself busy with, after recently launching his creative side project Dreamz and debuting Dharma Studio. Make sure and keep an ear out for ‘Harmonica Andromeda Deluxe’ when it releases later this month, and in the meantime, stream ‘You Don’t Need To Ask’ here and below on Spotify.

Image credit: KSHMR (via Facebook)

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