Pendulum release anticipated new EP ‘Elemental’: Listen

Deep into their comeback, Pendulum have once again proven why they are at the top of the game, exploding back onto the scene at the tail end of 2020 in September with the double single ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free’. Listening to those tracks, you would never have guessed ten years was the amount of time that had passed between those singles and the last body of work that the band released. Now between those and another single release comes the highly anticipated ‘Elemental’ EP.

First announcing ‘Elemental’ back in May, the singles that have been released all make up pieces of the EP, which was completed when the full body of work was released along with Hybrid Minds collaboration ‘Louder Than Words’, accompanied by an animated music video which can be viewed below. The track itself is perfect to blast all summer long and with both Pendulum and duo Hybrid Minds being masters of drum and bass with heart and soul infused into it, the track is an incredible blend of their instantly recognisable sounds.

The EP alongside being available on all streaming platforms has also landed on vinyl. The vinyl comes in the form of a limited edition phenakistoscope picture disc version, in a red and pink colourway on side A and a black and white colourway on side B, which is a must for all vinyl collectors to have. If you want to grab your copy of one, you can now pre-order it on Pendulum’s official website here where orders begin to be shipped out on 1 October, alongside other merch to celebrate the EP release.

Check out the full tracklist below as well as the EP.


  1. Driver
  2. Nothing For Free
  3. Louder Than Words (with Hybrid Minds)
  4. Come Alive

Image Credit: Pendulum Press

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