UK dance music scene reacts to the government delaying the lockdown lift by four weeks

Right now in the UK dance scene, everyone is rightfully upset, angry and disappointed since Boris Johnson and the government announced a four week delay in lifting the lockdown that was intended to happen on June 21. This meant that clubs were preparing to open their doors again, with nightclubs gearing up to bring people’s favourite UK DJs to the decks again. All of this hope and hard work leading up to it was shattered, and people are now angry.

More specifically though, DJs hailing from the UK are expressing their anger and sadness on social media, and the results in another four week of not opening may have catastrophic effects on the industry much like last year when numerous clubs were forced to close their doors. This news has also meant that DJs, crew members, photographers and others in the industry are still out of a job. The NTIA (Night Time Industries Association) launched a viral #LetUsDance campaign, and many in the UK dance scene are voicing their reactions to the news alongside this campaign.

Gareth Emery 

In a lengthy Instagram post, Gareth Emery took time to share his thoughts on the situation. Although he is based in Los Angeles, his roots are in the UK and he has voiced his disappointment with the government’s decision. For disclosure, he has stated that he is fully vaccinated and was a ‘moderate’ supporter of the first lockdown but feels concerned.


Beloved Liverpool duo CamelPhat have had plenty of words to say about the lockdown extension – none of them good. Stating things such as ‘The only “System” should be a “Sound System” – F***k U Boris!!’ and calling out the government for incompetence, they are telling it as it is.


Skepsis took to social media to write a long statement regarding how he felt about the decision. Even stating that the Liverpool pilot event was successful (findings showed that events are no more dangerous than going shopping), he was wondering, like many others, what the point of it was if nothing was to come from it.


Hugely popular venue Printworks voiced their support for the #LetUsDance campaign. Printworks has been an iconic home to more dance acts than anyone can name, and as a venue has been closed for well over a year which has had a hugely detrimental effect to its staff and the DJs that call this venue a home.

Sacha Lord

Sacha Lord is Greater Manchester’s Night Time Economy Advisor but you will also know him as the co-founder of Parklife and The Warehouse Project. Ever since the pandemic struck, he has been 100% in support of the nightlife industry getting adequate financial support and care needed from the government. Always speaking out in the best interest of this industry, he has even gone on national television to voice his opinions which you can see above.


The anger is not unjust, and we’re hoping the scene can make a full recovery. Below you can find more reactions from titans in the UK scene.


Image Credit: Printworks London (via Facebook)

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