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Aly & Fila talk euphoric new track ‘Sunrise’ in collaboration with JES: Listen

Returning once again to the release radar, iconic duo Aly & Fila have recently released their newest track ‘Sunrise’ in collaboration with JES. A beautiful, feel good anthem for the summer season, it has already been receiving rave reviews from fans and producers alike, and it certainly isn’t hard to see why. Addictive to say the least, we chatted to Aly & Fila all about the new track. 

Thanks for joining us! Your new track ‘Sunrise’ in collaboration with JES is out now and it’s beautiful. How do you two feel to finally get this out into the world? 

Thank you to We Rave You for having us and thank you for the kind words. We are really happy for the release of Sunrise. It is our second collaboration with JES after ‘I Wont Let You Fall’ , and also it sees us return for a release on Armind under Armada after several years. Armin van Buuren featured ‘Sunrise’ on his A State of Trance 2021 album, with the great feedback the track has received it is really fitting that we are now able to release it as a single. 

‘Sunrise’ sees you guys move into the progressive realm a bit more. Why did you guys decide to switch it up with this track?

We also did the same with ‘I Wont Let You Fall’, so we decided it was the right fit, right vibe also to do the same with ‘Sunrise’. We feel it is a very summer-y track, we can imagine sitting on a beach somewhere in the world listening to the track as the sun rises.

What was the creative process like for ‘Sunrise’? What was it like working with JES on this track?

JES has such an amazing, beautiful voice, and the lyrics compliment the music we feel perfectly. Working with JES is always very smooth, she is very talented.

What would you like listeners to take away from this track? Is there anything in particular you want them to feel, or any messages you wanted to get across?

Certainly a feel good factor when they hear it. There is still a lot of uncertainty and hard times in the world, we hope from music it can help in some way.

Armin van Buuren and Ruben de Ronde chose ‘Sunrise’ as the Progressive Pick on ASOT Radio recently which is huge. What do you think of all the support it has been getting already? 

We are so thankful for the support the track has received already, it is always great to hear artists playing your music in their sets or on their radio shows. Armin and ASOT Radio show has been a huge support since our start in the industry back in 2003, we are very thankful for everyone’s support.

Aside from releasing ‘Sunrise’, you have also been getting back to performing in places such as LA. How does it feel to finally be getting back to performing at shows and also announcing them again?

It was so amazing to start touring again. We have been fortunate over the last few months to be able to tour the United States of America, Russia and Australia. To see clubbers and fans that we know and to be able to perform live again is such an amazing feeling, the energy inside people after the pandemic forced events to be put on hold since March 2020 until the last few months. There is an explosion of emotion from the clubbers, staff and the artists alike. We have missed it and we are so happy to see events returning around the world.

What else does 2021 have in store? Are there any hints that you can give us about new projects that may be coming up soon?

A lot of music is still to be released, we have some very big collaborations forthcoming but unfortunately we cannot give any hints just yet. And we hope to be able to play in as many countries as possible, we have missed everyone. The fans inspire us.


‘Sunrise’ by Aly & Fila in collaboration with JES is out now, and you can stream it through this link as well as below on Spotify.


Image Credit: Aly & Fila (Press)

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