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Amazon launches brand new vinyl subscription service

It’s no secret that vinyl sales have been exploding over the past few years, with the nostalgic and retro musical format rising back in popularity, having a sales increase of over 40% in 2020, causing it to beat out the overall sales of the CD for the first time since the 1980s. E-commerce giant Amazon is now joining in on the hype by offering its customers a brand new unique vinyl subscription service.

The aforementioned subscription service is currently only available to its United States customers, named ‘The Vinyl Of The Month Club’ and is priced at $24.99 a month. Subscribers to the club will receive one must-own record each month from the Golden Era of Vinyl which took place between the 1960s and 1970s. The vinyl is picked by Amazon’s musical professionals and promises iconic tracks from artists like Pink Floyd, Aretha Franklin, and, ABBA. Subscribers will be able to view which album they will get prior to shipping, allowing them to skip any months that they wish, and Amazon has also promised that free returns are allowed for any customer who is not happy with a certain vinyl they’ve received. Customers will be able to cancel the subscription service at any time.

Being such a brand new and unique concept, the company wants subscribers to give feedback on how they can develop and improve the service even more. If this is something you think you’d be interested in, make sure to check it out for yourself on Amazon’s website here.

Image credit: Natalia Deriabina


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