Listening to Avicii’s music combats mental fatigue whilst running, according to new study

A recent study that has just come out has shown that there are certain tracks that can help combat the mental fatigue that runners feel whilst doing their exercise, and Avicii appears on the list.

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh used two different tests to study the effects of certain types of music on eighteen different fitness enthusiasts, and their findings are interesting. According to Science Daily who looked into the researchers’ findings, one test looked at the results based on interval running, with jogging and then high-paced running in different bursts, and the other test looked at runners on a 5km time-trail (putting them into a mentally fatigued state through a test before exercise).

Just a few of the tracks tested included Avicii 2013 hit track Addicted To You, which was also tested among tracks such as Kanye West‘s ‘Power’Survivor‘s ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and A$ap Rocky‘s ‘Everyday’. Through this, researchers found that with those that did interval running, the performance of those listening to these tracks was greater versus the performance of those that did not listen whilst running. Dr Shaun Phillips of University of Edinburgh’s Moray House School of Education and Sport said about the findings:

“Mental fatigue is a common occurrence for many of us, and can negatively impact many of our day-to-day activities, including exercise. Finding safe and effective ways to reduce this negative impact is therefore useful. The findings indicate that listening to self-selected motivational music may be a useful strategy to help active people improve their endurance running capacity and performance when mentally fatigued. This positive impact of self-selected music could help people to better maintain the quality and beneficial impact of their exercise sessions.”

If you want to read the full study, it is available here. If you run, what type of music do you listen to whilst doing so? Let us know in the comments.


Image Credit: Sean Eriksson for Rolling Stones Magazine

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