Belgium launches Covid Safe Ticket specifically for live events

Following the footsteps of fellow European countries like France, Belgium has recently launched its own domestic health pass called Covid Safe Ticket that will be used to facilitate safe entry into live event venus for large audiences. It is set to be used for outdoor events for more than 1500 people from 13 August onwards to certify that either a particular attendee has tested negative for Covid-19 in the past 48 hours or is fully vaccinated as per government protocols.

Although the organizers of an event are not obliged to use Covid Safe Tickets, they must ensure proper social distancing measures and covid protocols including the necessity of a mask for all guests otherwise. The ticket can be used to eliminate social distancing measures and the need for masks at indoor as well as outdoor events.

“The CST works in the same way as the EU Digital COVID Certificate,” says Barbara Van Den Haute of Digital Flanders.  “Both certificates use QR codes that appear on your smartphone via the CovidSafeBE app. The CST will colour red if your negative PCR test is older than 48 hours if you are checked entering an event, while at the airport the same code will colour green allowing you to travel.” – Barbara Van Den Haute (Digital Flanders)

Starting from September 1, CST will also cover outdoor events within Belgium. As of now, the CST is only valid in Belgium. For abroad one would need the EU Digital COVID Certificate

Image Credit: Tomorrowland (via Facebook)

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