BTS expand their worldwide reach with Muster Sowoozoo livestream

With K-pop ever increasing in popularity, Korean boy band BTS are arguably one of the biggest ambassadors regarding this genre of music. Reaching worldwide status is no ordinary feat, with the group having been around for quite some time now. In light of their eight year anniversary, Muster Sowoozoo organised a 2-day livestream that had an attendance of 1.33 million unique viewers from 195 countries, as revealed by livestreaming platform VenewLive.

BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo took place on the 13th and 14th of June 2021, with two live broadcasts taking place from Seoul, South Korea. With the Korean act having already made record-breaking history in 2020 with most of their virtual-shows, this time around it was no different. Ticket prices ranged from ₩49,500 (US$43.80) for one day, or ₩90,000 (US$79.60) for both. A special 4k HD/multi-view package was also available for purchase at ₩59,500 (US$52.60) per day, further elevating the gross value estimated from just sales tickets alone.

With a total estimation of gross value at more than $71 million, BTS have been able to once again write history in regards to their reach and influence around the globe. Looking to repay the love shown by their fans, VenewLive also provided a chat feature for fans which was also accessible by the Korean superstars as well. As “the chat activity increased dramatically once BTS sent their messages..,” VenewLive’s CEO John Lee provided the following statement;

“We were thrilled to be given the opportunity to showcase BTS’s amazing talent – and even more thrilled with the show’s overwhelming success and turn-out. Once again, VenewLive proved it is the ultimate platform for delivering the world’s best virtual concert experiences. Each BTS concert has pushed the envelope further in terms of what technology and talent can do to elevate the fan experience and this concert was no different.”

Livestreaming has become an essential element in regards to entertainment during these uncertain times, with such initiatives showcasing that no matter the current circumstance, people still have the ability of uniting and enjoying their favourite music, wether that is through virtual or live shows. With BTS’s reach ever expanding, we are more than certain that this group will be at the very top for the years to come.

Image Credit: BTS (via Facebook)

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