CamelPhat put their remix touch on Yousef & The Angel’s ‘Float Away’: Listen

There’s no rest for CamelPhat. The UK duo continue on an impressive pace of remixes and this time they put their personal stamp on ‘Float Away‘ by Yousef, featuring The Angel. The house rendition created by CamelPhat was released today via FFRR and is available for download or streaming.

If, on the one hand, events are still very much at a standstill, the same cannot be said of CamelPhat’s release list. The industry had not yet recovered from the success of their debut album and remixes were already raining down with the brilliant production quality so characteristic of this electronic duo. Regardless of how the pandemic evolved, they have had a big 2021 in store. So far, you’ve already seen the release of the eclectic version of ‘Lose Your Head‘ by London Grammar, and the herculean rendition of ‘Best of Me‘ by ARTBAT and Sailor & I. Earlier this month, the duo shared the genre-spanning remix of Alan Fitzpatrick‘s melodic cut ‘Warning Signs‘. Now, it’s been the turn of ‘Float Away’ by Yousef and The Angel to get a new outfit courtesy of CamelPhat.

‘Float Away’ was originally released in 2013 and spread like magic. Especially within the underground circuit, this single gained significant adoration and was considered one of the biggest tunes of that year. Yousef was always visionary and a revolutionary, coming up with very innovative concepts. This is certainly one of the great secrets of the addictive power of his productions. Featuring the multi-talented artist The Angel, ‘Float Away’ emanates an energy that couldn’t stay crystallised in the past and that’s why Yousef took it and gave it a modern twist. Last month, via FFRR, a refreshing remake came out that revitalised the original with a deeper melody, contemporary drum patterns and a new spotlight for the vocal. But the next level of this track didn’t end with this remake.

In May 2020, CamelPhat shared on Twitter that they had a special love for Yousef’s pearl and would be producing a remix. The furore was great and led to one wait that comes to an end today. The duo show how much they love ‘Float Away’ and coat it in their own character. Seasoned with the warmth and sensuality of house music, the track starts quite chilled, letting the vocals breathe. Without delay, the classic CamelPhat approach comes in and guarantees a pleasant trip for the listeners. The cosmic synths and pulsating percussion give an extension to the depth Yousef gave it in the remake. The entrancing sounds are hypnotic and give it an etheric character. Always favouring air zones in the music, the duo have drawn it out very interesting, developing it at various moments. Overall, they have given ‘Float Away’ more body, adding layers that provide more density, richness and dynamics to the narrative. This is their power in their remixes, without taking away their original identity, they inject them with ‘CamelPhat protein‘ that elevates the tracks as if with musical steroids.

This is a strong pretender to the fantastic CamelPhat sets that everyone is waiting to see, hear and feel, on the dancefloor near you. Until then, start this musical journey by pressing play:

Image Credit: CamelPhat (via Facebook), Yousef (via Facebook)