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CANITROT: The man behind the Monumental Tour: Interview
Michael Canitrot
Image credit: Dimworks

CANITROT: The man behind the Monumental Tour: Interview

Home Uncategorized CANITROT: The man behind the Monumental Tour: Interview

Hailing from France, CANITROT is a rising star who is making a huge difference with forward-thinking ideas that are bringing something completely new to the scene. His Monumental Tour sees him take to four different historical and iconic locations around France to stream stunning audio/visual sets. With this, he has been personally congratulated by the French president and has gained a lot of followers. Daring to do new things and armed with a unique signature sound, we spoke to CANITROT to get all the insight into these projects and more.

Thanks for joining us. You’ve been super busy lately with multiple different projects. How does it feel to be working on so many exciting things?

It’s a very intense and interesting time, with the exploration of new artistic directions in the studio and the Monumental Tour shows coming up. The COVID situation has been terrible for our scene and the artists, but the positive thing is that I have had more time to develop new things. I’ve tried to bring something positive out of this situation, and to offer a new vision. 

One of those exciting projects is your highly unique Monumental Tour, which will see you go to four different historical locations in France to perform epic DJ sets. Where did you get this idea from?

This idea is the meeting of my passions: music, history and heritage. As a child, I was lucky enough to visit museums and castles on a regular basis with my parents, and I became fascinated by architecture and history. I have always liked to play my music in atypical places, which contributes to democratizing it even more and to draw new sources of inspiration.

Was the idea itself hard to execute? What steps did you have to take to ensure that the tour could actually happen?

This project would not have been possible without solid partners (private and institutional) and above all, the will and talent of my teams. The Monumental Tour is an artistic adventure but also a human one. We need people who are passionate and 100% motivated. Without this energy, it would not be possible, especially during the COVID period when we had to find solutions at all levels so that these events could take place, and what is gratifying is to be able to move forward and to be able to face the challenges with the talent of everyone around me.

Image credit: Dimworks 

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