Dance music set to rise this year, says Spotify editors

Last week Spotify and its editors unveiled a report titled ‘The State of Dance Music’ which saw For The Record speak to Spotify’s global playlist curators (known as Global Curator Groups, or GCG for short), revealing 7 interesting trends in dance music over the past year.

First up in the report, dance music is global. Whilst certain regions definitely have their specialties, dance music has its roots everywhere, which aids the second finding; that dance music will be on the rise this year. With clubs and festivals re-opening, the return of house and rise of slap house and dance-pop will continue, with Spotify editors summing up:

“As listeners head back to the clubs and producers are able to tour again, expect even more noise.”

Next up, the editors predict there will be another rise in underground and bedroom producers, which is no doubt music to the ears of many aspiring producers. They testament this to the fact that mainstream listener’s palettes are evolving, especially with many aspiring artists claiming tops spots on the charts.

The fourth finding is a reason to rejoice: EDM isn’t dead. Although not dead, the editors claim it has morphed to be more ‘nostalgic’, with listeners still enjoying the likes of Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, and Alesso.

Moving into the future, the report states virality as a key driver in the future of dance music, giving the example of David Guetta’s remix of Shouse’s‘Love Tonight’. Also mentioned is the renewed importance of covers in breaking artists, specifically slap house covers, which have seen a monumental rise in popularity in the last 12 months.

Last on the list of findings, is that pop is adopting dance. More and more pop artists are incorporating dance music into their tracks, which is opening up another realm of dance music fans.

All in all, dance music is thriving, and according to Spotify editors, is set to continue this rise in popularity throughout the next year as the world begins to dance once again.

Image credit: Spotify

A 19 year-old dance music fan and aspiring DJ and producer from Australia. I fell in love with electronic music after hearing Avicii, so house and anything 'feel-good' has a special place in my heart. Catch me performing around my hometown of Perth, and soon hopefully internationally!

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